Thursday, October 24, 2013

IVF #3 Final results

October 24, 2013 - 9 eggs retrieved

Oct. 25 - Day 1 report. Of the 9 eggs, 7 were mature and 4 fertilized.

Oct. 26 - Day 2 report. Of the 4, 3 are 4 cell grade 1. That's perfect. The other one is still a 2 cell and severely fragmented. So we're looking at a transfer of the 3 tomorrow!  Eek!

Oct. 27, Sunday - All 3 were looking great, so we transferred all 3!  One was a 10 cell & the other 2 were 8 cells. All were perfect, no fragmentation and graded 1, which is the best.

Let me see if I can post a picture of them.

I'll also keep you updated on my POAS saga. I'm doing HCG boosters, so HPTs will be harder to decifer, but I think I'm experienced enough in these sort of things to read the tea leaves. :P

Oct. 29, 5 DPR (Days past retrieval) -  I did my 2nd of 3 boosters shots this morning.  The $ store HPT had a faint line.  Good.  That means the trigger or the last booster is still in my system a little.  I'd hate for it to not make it from one booster to the next. 

Nov. 1, 8 DPR - I've been feeling the crampiness of early pregnancy. I've been pregnant enough to know the feeling. Someone's trying to settle in. We'll just see if they can do it or not. Today was my last HCG booster. Every morning I test first thing. And the test this morning was darker than yesterday's. Since I gave the booster AFTER I took the test it should've been lighter.  Unless of course there's another source of HCG,,,,,  Here's hoping.

Nov. 4, 11 DPR - So here's the HPTs from yesterday and today.  Since my last HCG booster was Friday I may still HCG from that in my system, but these are still pretty dark IMO.  I'll keep testing and update.  Beta is Thursday.

I'm a little worried.  OK, a lot worried.  The line seems no darker today than it did yesterday.

I don't think I'll test again until Thursday which is the morning of the beta.  I need to know the results before the nurse calls with them.

(I don't know how people don't test at all and just wait for the nurse to call.  What if you're in a meeting or miss the call or whatever?  Is that really the way you want to find out?  I can see waiting until the morning of the beta to save the above troubles, but having no idea until the nurse calls????!?!?!  No way.)  

Thursday, 14 DPR, Beta test day.  This is going to end in another miscarriage.

And, the Beta is ....


As these things always seem to go for me.  It's nothing definitive either way.  It's a solid meh.  The next beta is Monday, 18 DPR.

Here's the next HPTs.  Day 16 is Saturday and day 18 is Monday.

Beta on Monday, Day 18 was 300.  Of course, it's supposed to be 320-ish.  52 hour doubling time

Another beta on Wednesday, Day 20.  I'm out of HPTs and I have no desire to buy more.  :P

Wednesday, Day 20,  Beta was 542.  53 hour doubling time.

On a side note, I went for the second intralipid treatment on Thursday, Day 21 (5 weeks pregnant).  Also, I'm going to start drinking grapefruit juice.  Maybe it'll help my liver excrete the HCG and not hold on to it.  (Boy, I'm getting desperate...)

They want to do an ultrasound next week, but I'm disinclined.  One ultrasound will be hard enough.  I want to go when I can have a definitive answer.  I agreed to another beta on Monday, Day 25.

Monday, Day 25 beta =1172.  That's really, really bad.  It's a 111 hour doubling time. 

Ultrasound scheduled for November 21 at 6:30 am.  I'll be 6 weeks even. 

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