Thursday, December 27, 2012

The story

HHHHhhmm    I'm new to this whole blogging thing.  So, I thought "A Little Background" would be the name of this post, not my whole blog....  But, maybe it's appropriate...

So, here's the story.

DH and I were married in 2005.  We decided to start a family after about a year and after one time on the first try (we were on a camping trip with DH's family!) we were pregnant.  Well, that was easy.  A beautiful son was born 9ish months later in 2007.

We decide to try for #2 and, while still nursing ds, after 3 months we got pregnant again.  9ish months later dd was born in 2009.

We decide to try for #3 (I'd always wanted 4 kids) and while still nursing dd, 3 months later, we're pregnant.  This was early 2011.  Well at 11 weeks we find out it was a blighted ovum.  We opt for expectant management and the miscarriage finally happens at 14 weeks.  The doc is following the HCG down to zero and the HCG is only falling very, very slowly. 

This is just a fluke thing so, of course, we try again.  3 months later we're pregnant again before the HCG gets back to zero.  So, now the doc sees the numbers start to go back up again.  But, they're rising very, very slowly.  At about 6-7 weeks I start to bleed.  Nothing is seen in the uterus.  The numbers are still rising and I decide I need to see a Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) doc, Dr. Mary Stephenson.  By then the numbers have finally started to fall again.  (Again, the numbers are falling very, very slowly.) 

The doc starts all the RPL testing including a hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy and endometrial function test and all of the conceivable blood tests.  Everything comes back normal.  (Which isn't surprising because we already had 2 successful pregnancies.)  We prevent during all of this testing, but start trying again in early 2012.

We get pregnant in May 2012 and we're excited to find out it's twins!  But, they're monoamniotic identical twins.  Around a 50% chance of making it to birth.  We find out at the 13 week appointment that we are not in the winning 50%.  We opt for a D&C.  (Genetic testing reveals 46XX. Chromosomally normal girls).

Just try again, they say.  The odds are in your favor.  We try again and find out we're pregnant 2 months later.  Again the numbers are low and slow and between 6 and 7 weeks I start to bleed again.  So, that brings us to today.

But, I'm tired of beating my head against the wall.  I'm tired  of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  (This is the very definition of insanity.)  So, we want to do IVF with PGD, specifically CGH.  PGD is pre-implantation genetic diagnostics and CGH (comparative genomic hybridization) is a specific type of PGD which looks at every chromosome to make sure the embryo is chromosomally sound. 

I've met with my RPL doc (Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld) who states that it's not what they recommend, but she can certainly see why I would want to do it.  She states they don't do PGD in her office, but she gives me the names of 2 clinics that do.  I'm going to research them today and make an appointment with one of them.  Also, I found another clinic that does it and I have an appointment with them for early January. 

Update - The second appointment (from one of the recommended docs) is now set up for late January. 


  1. Susan, I am really familiar with PGD as it is what many others with a balanced translocation opt for to get their healthy baby. It seems to work for many of us who have been TTC unsuccessfully. Have you or DH ever been karotyped? Have you looked into the FISH? I believe it may look more closely at all of the chromosomes than CGH.

  2. Oops, I got that mixed up. CGH is more detailed than FISH.

  3. Yes, CGH looks at every chromosome and FISH just looks at a select number.

    Yes, we've been karotyped... normal. Sigh. Well, at least, hopefully that means we'll be able to get some good embryos. Hopefully.

  4. So glad you've started this blog, Susan. xo