Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So, for anyone who doesn't know the details, this is my current theory on why I've been having all these miscarriages. 

This article sums it up well:


Essentially, the theory is that some women have a uterine lining that is "too" receptve to embryos.  While as a "normal" woman will have a uterine lining that will reject low quality embryos, some women ahve a uterine lining that will let anything implant.  This leads to a shorter time to pregnancy than average (me) and a greater number of miscarriages than average (me) because the body fails to reject the low quality embryos. 

So, hopefully, IVF can help to preserve any fertility I have left and with PGS I can pick only the good chromosonally sound embryos to put back. 

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