Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lets do this thing.

So, just to get you all up to speed, my progesterone at 6 dpo last cycle was only 6.5.  That's kinda low.  No big deal, really.  I was only at a 9 when I (successfully) was pregnant with my son.  And, they were going to supplement me anyways, so it's ok. 

I went in today for my cd 3 check.  My antral follicle count (AFC) was 15 which is pretty good.  I that in your twenties 10-15 is an average number, in the mid 30's it's 5-10 and in your 40's it's less than 5.  AFC has also been shown to have a strong correlation with pregnancy rates despite age.  Since I'm 37, I'm pretty happy with this number. 

My next appointment is 3/6 in which Jim will give a sample for the SA and to freeze in case somehow he can't make the retrieval day.  He also gets a bunch of bloodwork done to show he doesn't have any infectious diseases.  I have to do a class on how to give myself a shot and they go over any questions I have. 

So, I started birth control pills (BCP) yesterday and the dexamethasomne at 0.5 mg.  I'm hesitant on the Dex (it's a low dose steroid).  Some studies show no difference, some studies show a better response.  So, I think I'll take it during stims and stop after retrieval.  I know the doc will recommend I keep it through the early pregnancy, but I'm not comfortable with that.  Every study sees no benefit of taking it after implantation and there's a study in which it was given to premature babies to help them with their breathing.  It did that, but also caused long term lower IQ scores.  ....  I'm off track... 

************Insert caveat***********

I should warn everyone. I tend to take my medical care into my own hands.  So I listen to the docs, research their advice and make my own decisions.  Please don't send me a message saying that I should "just listen to my doctor."  Doctors aren't gods.  They don't know everything and they certainly don't know you like you know you.  It takes a smart doc and an informed patient to make the best medical decisions for you. 

*************Caveat finished************

On that thought, I'm supposed to stop taking the BCP on Sunday, 3/10 and get my period Wednesday - Friday.  But, I'll stop taking it Saturday and get my period Tuesday - Thursday.  Let's get this show on the road.  (For the finicky ones out there, I started taking the BCP yesterday which was a day early, so the total number of days will work out to be the same.) 

The next week, 3/18, will be the busy week of bloodwork, ultrasounds and stims. 

The procedure week should be 3/25. 

And then hopefully, we'll have some answers.... 


My cd3 bloodwork came in from this morning.  (I like how fast they are!) 

FSH - 5
E2 - 21
LH - 7.2

(I don't like how my lh is always a little higher than it should be.  I'm going to have to research that.) 

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