Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The plan.

So today we did the mock transfer and the injections teaching class.  DH also gave his sample to be frozen as an emergency back up in case something happens to him on the day of the ER (egg retrieval). 

So, Saturday is my last birth control pill and I should get my period in 3-5 days.  The doc said my lining was thin even though I was on the pill, so I guess my period should be light. (?)  Anyways, I then go in on my cd2 and start meds that night. 

So, let's say my period starts Wednesday, I go in on Thursday and they do an AFC and check for cysts and then I start the meds that night.  The plan to start is 225iu of Follistim and 2 doses of Menopur (that's 150iu) a day for 2 nights and then we'll do another u/s and bloodwork to see where we're at.  After 5 or 6 days of that, I start the Ganirelix to prevent premature ovulation.  Once I have at least 3 follicles at about 20x20 mm, we trigger. 

I'll post again when I start.  Wish me luck!!!

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