Sunday, May 26, 2013

My fifth miscarriage

So, the title says how this will end. 

The first HCG was 36 at 15 dpo.  We all know this is a bad number.  2 days later it was 52 at 17 dpo.  And, 2 days later at 19 dpo it was 102.  3 days later at 22 dpo is was 209. 

At 6w1d, I started bleeding.  It picked up and they did another blood test at 6w3d and it was 146.  So, that's that.  I'll do another blood test next Tuesday and as long as it's down, I'll be happy. 

So, whenever I get my period next (which won't be for another 3 weeks at best) I'll start my IVF cycle with the new doc.  One thing this does seem to point to is that all these losses could be due to the premature rising progesterone.  So, possibly, the premature rise in progesterone is causing the endometrial lining to be out of sync with the embryo giving the embryo a suboptimal place to implant. 

I'm doing two things to help my chances.  First we'll do freeze all cycles with the IVF and then put the embryos back during a hormonally controlled cycle. 

Second, I've made appointments with 2 reproductive immunologists to have them run all those sorts of tests and make sure that there's no problem along those lines. 

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