Saturday, July 6, 2013

IVF #1 Results

7 measurable follicle seen on ultrasound on the day of the trigger shot.

9 eggs retrieved. 

6 eggs were mature. 

3 fertilized by day 1. 

All 3 still alive at day 2.  They are officially two 4 cells with no fragmentation and one 3 cell with no fragmentation.  We're going to push out to day 5 and see what happens. 

All still alive at day 4. They are officially one "compacted", one "half compacted" and one is a 12 cell. In layman's terms, this is one excellent, one good and one fair. I'm currently scheduled for the transfer tomorrow morning, but first they'll call me tomorrow before that as tell me the status of them.  If the 12 cell is going to make it, it might not make it blast until the 6th day.

Woo-hoo!!!!  Great news day!  When they called this morning the best was a 2AA and they were going to freeze it immediately. The next was going to be ready to freeze in a few hours and she thought it would be a 2AA or a 2AB at the time if freeze. The last was a perfect compacted embryo (also known as a morula). The tech felt it looked great and would be ready to freeze tomorrow. I'm so happy and relieved. When we only got 3 fertilized embryos I wasn't sure we'd make it freeze. Now, hopefully, they'll ALL make it to freeze. Unbelievable. 

Final status report:  All embryos made it to blast!  The first one from yesterday was a 2AA.  The one they froze a few hours later was a 2AB and the one they froze today (day 6) was a 2BB. 


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