Monday, July 1, 2013

Next steps. Thoughts?

So, after this cycle DH and I will be taking a vacation.  This vacation has been very successful in baby making in the past.  Our 2 children were both conceived on this vacation we take every year. 

My question is this, should we try again this year? 

My P4 has stayed remarkably low this cycle.  So, if I get the intralipids to treat the elevated NKC activity before we go, wouldn't this cycle have just as good of a chance as any other? 

Of course, if we get pregnant and miscarry it'll set us back again.  Right now we're looking at our next cycle being in the end of August.  The end of July will be out of the question because of the vacation.  A pregnancy and loss will set us back again until October.  :(  But, of course, if the only problem is the NKCs, we could be successful.... 

Or, do we just stay the course and do 4 rounds of IVF, freeze all and then do a completely controlled FET? 

DH wants to stay the course.  I'm inclined to go for it. 


ETA - Well, my latest thoughts are that if we are wildly successful or wildly unsuccessful at this cycle, we'll go for it.  If we're wildly successful (4 or more 5 day blasts), we won't  need to do any more cycles.  If we're wildly unsuccessful (Zero blasts) we will be wondering if any IVFs will work so we might as well try on our own. 

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