Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ultrasound Results

Ultrasound set for Thursday, November 21st.  I'll be 6 weeks exactly. 

Beta recap:
14 dpr: 79.4
18 dpr: 300
20 dpr: 542
25 dpr: 1172

And the results are:

Miscarriage #6

No one is surprised here.
No heartbeat.
Gestational sac was 5mm. It's supposed to be 15 mm.
Yolk sac was 2.4mm. It's supposed to be 3.4mm.
There was a possible fetal pole at 1.2mm. It's supposed to be about 3.4 mm.
And, of course, there's supposed to be a heartbeat.

I'm trying to set up a consult with Dr. Morris of IVF1 who can hopefully do an embryoscopy. This will give us a chance to look hard at anything that's there and then make sure they get a direct sample from the bean itself to do genetic testing. The earliest appointment I could get is for next Wednesday.

Doc wants to do a more detailed u/s with color flow Doppler, so I'll do that on friday. I think I'll need it to convince Dr. Morris to do the embryoscopy anyways.


So, 5 days later I followed up with Dr. Morris and what do they find?  Of course, a heartbeat.  But, it's too slow at 89 BPM and the bean is measuring too small. 

The CRL was at 3.15mm which puts the bean at 5w6d when I'm 6w6d. 

The yolk sac is extremely enlarged at 6.92 mm which is a seriously bad sign. 

The gestational sac is at 8.36mm which is small at the size of a 5w3d bean. 

There's nothing to do but wait it out.  I go back in next Wednesday for a followup. 

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