Monday, December 16, 2013

Embryoscopy and D&C

So, on 12/4/13 there was no heartbeat.  Bean had grown a couple of days worth so was measuring 6w1d.  I was 7w6d.  This isn't really a blog about feelings, more about facts, but I think I'm feeling every emotion in the book.  It's so complicated.

Back to the facts, the embryoscopy and D&C was scheduled for Friday, December 6, 2013.  It went fine.  The doc said that he was able to detach the entire gestational sac from the uterine lining very easily.  Mostly, I think this is my inherent problem.  The bean just never attaches fully to the endometrium.  And, no one knows why.  So, it was all sent off to Natera Labs for their analysis.

My follow-up appointment with the D&C nurse (I really like her, BTW) was Monday, December 16. And the results are.....  Drummer roll please....

Complete triploidy of maternal origin. So, for some reason, most likely, at meiosis stage 2 which is when the embryo goes from 2 cell to 4 cell, it all went terribly wrong. At least, that's my understanding. I learned that 2% of all pregnancies are triploidy. And it does not appear to be affected my maternal age. So, unlike other genetic abnormalities, it happens at the same rate if you're 20 or 40.

So what does this all mean?  Well, maybe, just maybe, it's not me!  Or at least it's not my uterus killing my children. This is great news. So maybe, just maybe, there will someday be a take home baby in my future.

Also, this doc is wiling to be aggressive with a gonadotropin IUI going forward which is just what I wanted to hear.

Lastly, myHCG was at 10. This is great news. It means that my HCG should be negative (less than 5) before my next cycle, so that shouldn't hold us up.

My planning for my next cycle with my regular RE was Tuesday, December 17th. 

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