Tuesday, April 1, 2014

IVF #4 Plan for April / May

So for our fourth and final IVF we'll do a Microdose Lupron Flare.  I'm perfectly OK with cancelling if this doesn't seem to be going well.  But, my understanding is that the Lupron Flare tends to give higher Estrogen levels overall, so hopefully this will reflect on good quality embryos. 

We'll do 2 weeks of birth control with a hysteroscopy on Thursday, April 3, 2014 just to check and make sure everything is ok and to do an endometrial scratch.  Then somewhere around the 11th-ish, we'll stop the BCP and start the microdose Lupron and then we'll throw in 225 iu Menopur and 225 iu Follistim.  Here goes..... 

Update:  The hysteroscopy went fine.  My uterus looks normal as expected.  I guess the uterine scratch was successful because I'm still spotting 4 days later.  :$  I hope that'll stop soon.  I'm still not sure how Letrozole will figure into all of this.  I tried to ask while drugged after the hysteroscopy, but I don't think I was too coherent!  :P 

I'm just standing by to stand by......

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