Friday, April 19, 2013

The end of a doc...

So, the follicles were about 23.5, 22.5, 20 , 19 and a 10. 

So 4 good follicles today, estrogen at 717 (it should be about 200 per mature follicle) and lining at 11.

BUT, the doc called and they never call if its good news. He said my progesterone was already starting to rise and was at 4.8. This is too high for pre ovulation. He feels that this is the reason I've been miscarrying. He feels that my hormones are out of sync with my cycle.

The phone conversation was almost comical. He clearly wants to get rid of me and started giving me the speech that I'm not going to have any more kids, love the ones you have, the only answer is donor embryos an I cut him off and said. "So if the problem is my hormones are out of sync with my body then won't a freeze all cycle and FET solve that?" He stopped and admitted that that would actually work. Ha!

But I'm done with him. I'm moving on. So I'll still trigger tonight and get together with DH. And what will be will be.

One thing I don't understand. I understand the implantation window for the endometrium. But embryos have a few days to implant as we all know. They can implant anywhere from 6-12 dpo and still be fine. We know that 8-10 dpo is a very good implantation window. So if my hormones are just a couple of days out of sync, I still could have a successful pregnancy, right? 
After looking it up, I DO see the studies that say that high progesterone on the day of HCG administration has a much lower pregnancy rate.  But, it seems to me that because my body wanted to ovulate a few days ago, my endometrium was just advancing like it wanted to as if I had ovulated when my estrogen peaked.  Did that make sense? 
And, I found a study to back this idea up.  It seems the endometrium keeps advancing as it should even if you chemically stop the LH from surging. 
Once again, the answer for this is to freeze all and put the embryos back in during an in sync cycle. 
So, this all comes down to that I'm one with this doc and I have an appointment with a new doc for May 6th.  So, a crappy 2 week wait (which will probably be less than 2 weeks since the endometrium will have advanced faster....) and then I'll see the new doc. 
The full plan going forward is to do 4 IVF cycles and then do FETs.  So, here we go again.  I just hope this doc is on board with my plan. 

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